27.  28.12.2018   Baocheng received the CAS Pioneer Hundred Talents Program support.

26.  30.11-02.12.2018  Baocheng attended the Annual Conference of ASIAN SOCIETY OF ICHTHYOLOGISTS 2018, Nanning, China. [link]

25.  21-24.11.2018    Baocheng attended the 14th National Wildlife and Conservation Conference, Kunming, China. [link]

24.  25.09.2018    Min Wang from College of Life Sciences, Shaanxi Normal University, and Shaohua Xu from College of Life Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia Normal University joined FEGG as master student and PhD candidate in fall 2019, respectively.

23.  19-22.08.2018   Baocheng attended II Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology – Montpellier 2018, Montpellier, France. [link]

22. 18-20.04.2018   The group attended the 1st AsiaEvo Conference, Shenzhen, China. [link] [link]

21. 15.11.2017   Baocheng is appointed to editorial board for the ‘Speciation and Evolutionary Genetics’ section of BMC Evolutionary Biology.

20. 28.10.2017   Baocheng attended the 13th National Wildlife and Conservation Conference – the Sixth West China Zoology Symposium, Chengdu, China. [link]

19. 12.10.2017   Baocheng was rewarded with the National Excellent Young Animal Ecology Investigator 2017.

18. 06.09.2017   Baocheng is appointed to the Review Editor board of the Marine Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography and Species Diversity section of Frontiers in Marine Science.

17. 04.09.2017   Dr. Yongxin Zhao from Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, joined FEGG as research assistant.

16. 28.08.2017   Yongli Ding from College of Animal Science, Guizhou University, joined FEGG as PhD candidate in fall 2018.

15.  23.08.2017   Dr. Xinxin Li from Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, joined FEGG as a postdoc.

14. 03.05.2017   The work of duplicate gene evolution in teleost fish was published in the Journal of Molecular Evolution. [link]

13. 28.04.2017   M.Sc. Yingnan Wang from Jilin University joined FEGG as a PhD student in fall 2017. [link]

12. 17.04.2017   Dr. Zitong Li from University of Helsinki visited FEGG and gave a talk of ‘Multivariate statistical methods in quantitative genetics’ at IOZ, CAS. [link]

11. 31.03.2017   Yu Wang from Jilin University joined FEGG as a master student in fall 2017. [link]

10. 24.03.2017   Baocheng is covered in the journal, Scientific Chinese. [link]

9. 16.03.2017   Baocheng’s co-author paper about genotype-phenotype mapping study was highlighted by the journal – Molecular Ecology in a commentary article. [link]

8. 20.02.2017   Yannan Chen from Hebei University joined FEGG for rotation.

7. 10-11.12.2016   Baocheng co-organized the first national systematic biology forum, Beijing, China. [link]

6. 11.11.2016   Dr. Niuniu Wang from Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, joined FEGG as a postdoc.

5. 04.11.2016   Dr. Li Zhang joined FEGG as a lab manager.

4. 28-30.10.2016   Baocheng attended the 23rd Annual Conference of Chinese Zoological Society – Academic Symposium on Ichthyology, Wuhan, China. [link] [link]

3. 09.30.2016   Yuwei Wang from Northeast Forestry University joined FEGG as a master student in fall 2017. [link]

2. 18.08.2016   Baocheng received the NSFC general program grant.

1. 01.06.2016   Baocheng Guo officially joined IOZ, CAS, and leads the Fish Evolution and Genomics Group (FEGG). [link]


The group retreat for the lunar year – skiing 15.01.2019


Guolab2018Fall 16.09.2018


the 1st AsiaEvo Conference

351526178437_.pic_hd copy

The group retreat for the lunar year – hotpot 31.01.2018


The very first group retreat – bowling time 25.11.2017


Guolab2017Fall 30.09.2017


SAMPLING is Teamwork! 04.07.2017